Sydney Coastal Headlands -NORTH

HAPPY 2017 everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year! I celebrated Christmas with my Mum here at Sydney and I had a chilled New Years, I did not bother trying to mess with the crowd by the harbour (I really am getting old).

It’s been a hot Sydney summer and I am making the most of the holidays, the beach, bbqs and exploring.
Sydney has a few headlands with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the city. If you’re in Sydney get your hiking shoes, camera and enjoy them views. I have a long list of Sydney headlands to explore this summer and to share with you. 

  • North Head (Manly) – This is the very tip of Manly, it has awesome cliff views, memorial walks and  a cute Cafe (Bella Vista). Watch the  Perfect sunset views while having a picnic at lil grass area by the first two carparks opposite the cafe.  To get there from Manly go up Darley Rd and follow the north head scenic drive until the end.  Public transport – from Circular Quay ferry to Manly, turn right and follow the directions (google) to Manly Hospital and take the north head scenic drive road.It is a long way up/hike I suggest to research this. I will add more info if/when I do this hike.


  • Middle Head (Mosman) – there are a lot of cool things to visit near Middle head including a couple of nude beaches (Cobbler’s Bay and Obelisk Beach), Burnt Orange Cafe and a more family friendly Chowder bay/Clifton Gardens Beach. To get there follow the Middle Head Rd from Military Rd at Mosman. There are a lot of signs on the way depending on where you want to go, the end of the road is the Middle Head Forts. It is only a 5min walk from the top car park and it is really fun to see the old bunkers and views of the different headlands (north and south). Public transport is a little bit more complicated, from city take a ferry to Tauranga wharf and take the 238 bus. More public transport info here.
  • West Head is inside  Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. It has amazing views of central coast beaches, Hawkesbury river, Lion island and Barrenjoey Headland. It is near less known beaches and bays as well as the aboriginal heritage track. It is a nice day trip up north of Sydney. There a many ways to get there see link above and it cost $12 per vehicle, worth it as there are many walks and fun things to do in the park.
  • Barrenjoey Headland (Palm Beach) – The famous headland up north with the amazing views! It is also mostly known in the Home and Away Series. A lot of fans and tourists hike up (15mins) this headland to see the lighthouse and the views of Palm Beach, Pacific Ocean, Westhead etc. The Boat House Cafe is also very lovely with amazing food. A definite must do!


This summer I’ll be planning to visit:

South Head

Bradley Head

Dee Why Headland

and any other recommendations?


Guatemala the land of Jungles and Volcanoes

Guatemala, where every backpacker slows down and stops for a few weeks or so.. it is the best and cheapest place for learning Spanish, enjoying the beautiful volcano scenery, hiking, working etc.

After Belize, I was glad to have a little break from the Caribbean Beaches (Rum).  I finally made it to a more developed Guatemala with actual shops, proper transport (kind of),  Barista coffee and not to mention SPANISH again. It was finally time for me to settle down a bit, take my time to learn some Spanish, catch up with friends that left me behind and wait for the ones that stayed longer and of course  enjoy the culture of the country. As travel happens not everything goes according to plan sometimes it is better!

My Highlights

  • Crossing the Belize – Guatemala Border on a collectivo and tuktuk with no Quetzales (don‚Äôt do it)
  • Roaming the Jungle at 6am to see some central american wildlife and Mayan Temples
  • Saw some Howler Monkeys (he missed peeing on me by a couple of steps) , Spider Monkeys, Coati (Pizote), scorpions, spiders, termites, turkeys and birds crazy number of birds.
  • Did not get robbed at Guatemala city lol (it was 4am and I was only there for a bus transfer I was scared as)
  • Toasted Marshmallows on the lava rocks of Pacaya Volcano while it’s raining.
  • Slid down mini waterfalls inside Cave Agua with just my candle, bikini and shoes.
  • River tubed at Semuc Champey while kids tried to sell cans of beer in English and Arabic while river tubing (skills)
  • Cafe hopped at Antigua and finally had some good as coffee
  • Watched the sunrise with the view of 8 Massive volcanoes and lake atitlan
  • Tried the chocolate at the Hippy town of San Marcus
  • Experienced the crazy noise and lifestyle at Xela – Quetzaltenango
  • Actually learnt enough Spanish at Spanish School to hang out with locals and play with the kids.
  • Went to an empty pool party in a middle of the jungle in the middle of the night with locals we met on road lol. sooo safe .. (not! I was lucky again)
  • Got caught in the rain while hiking ended up walking the flooded streets of Antigua in the middle of the night during a storm, it was fun and I didn’t get sick!
  • Celebrated the Guatemalan Independence day with the locals

I will definitely be back to do the Acatenango and Fuego volcano hike, hobbitenango, Rio Dulce and learn more Spanish at Spanish School, my teacher was the best!!

I spent about a month in Guatemala and ill post my Guatemalan itinerary soon.

You Better Belize It! Belizean Highlights

The ultimate slogan and hashtag for Belize #youbetterbelizeit. What an amazing country full of unforgettable laid back fun and Caribbean beauty. Many backpackers skip Belize because it is a little bit more expensive and apparently the most expensive country in Central America (cheapest in the Caribbean though). I ain’t gonna lie it was one expensive week at Belize, the day tours and sailing trips will cut you back around $100USD a day which is why I didn’t do the Raggamuffin sailing tour nor the ATM Caves and only did a half day of snorkelling tour (Still regretting it).  I had fun in what I did though which was RUM, SUN and FOOD lol. Rum was so cheap and everyone carries a bottle with them, they even have an elephant foot which is around 3L for $10USD.

Being on a backpacker budget I was actually only planning to stay at Belize for 3 days to have a little break from all the intense Spanish learning and get to feel that Rasta and Reggae vibes, I am an Island girl at heart after all. 

So 2 days at the island of Caye Caulker definitely got me all feeling chilled and relaxed even when I was swimming with sharks and stingrays. Rum helped a lot! Rum was also the reason for missing my ferry on the island twice! Apparently it is a common thing that happens on the island lol. So I ended up staying a few days more until I really had to push to leave (because of my budget). I met some local San Ignacio boys working at Caye Caulker and they ended up letting me tag along on a chicken bus with many detours including a little tour of Belmopan (capital of Belize). We  tried to hitchhike and after a whole day of detours we made it to San Ignacio! It was such a cute little town and I ended up spending a few more days there too. It was a lot cheaper as I did nothing but relax and maybe climb some mayan ruins I also cooked my own meals deep fried plantains mmmm.

Anyways check out the video above which shows the highlights of my Belizean adventures I hope you like it and if you are planning to backpack Central America don’t skip this one, it is a lot different than the central american countries and definitely worth it! C’mon snorkelling at one of the best reef barriers of the world, you can’t pass that up!

 I will definitely be back to do the full day tour, ragamuffin tour, Scuba Dive the Blue Hole and of course the ATM Caves.

My Highlights at Belize

  • Getting a discount on the return ferry ticket to Caye Caulker because it is a sunday
  • Eating Jerk Chicken, Belizean BBQ and Lobsters!
  • RUM RUM RUM everywhere
  • Swimming with Sting Rays and Sharks
  • Being able to name some corals – eg. fire coral and brain coral  LOL
  • Panty Rippers at the Lazy Lizard
  • Jumping off to the Caribbean Sea during sunset ūüėõ
  • Missing my ferry because I got caught up fishing with the locals and didn’t even catch any fish
  • Dancing the night away at the reggae bar
  • Feeding tarpons and frigate birds on a boat with sardines so fun!
  • Deep fried Plantains
  • Checking out Xenuntunich Ruins then Swimming at Cahal Pech Resort
  • Sneaking in Midas Hotel for a night swim

Where to find friends when traveling solo

So I decided to travel solo, but I don’t like being alone. Lucky for us travellers it is easy to make friends and not be alone in all your adventures. Most of the people I met traveling are very friendly and are also solo travellers. So where did I find my friends to travel and have adventures with?

  1. Hostel – Dorm rooms are the best place to make friends. Most people that stay in a hostel are there to make friends. Try to book in a hostel with a common area and regular activities.  Smile and get that small talk skills on point.The very first friend I met traveling solo was another solo traveler in my dorm. It was her second time traveling solo so she was the one that approached me and taught me some great tips. She was friendly, positive, open we ended up traveling Cambodia and crossed borders to Thailand together.
  2. Transport – airplanes, buses, uberpool, ferry, train, however way you get to your destination it pays to say hello to the person you are sitting next to as he/she can be your new travel buddy or your very own local tour guide.I can’t even count how many friends I have made just from airplanes, ferries, transfer buses etc, arriving at your destination is both scary and exciting and is a great conversation starter. If you are doing a backpacker trail the likelihood of seeing another backpacker in different places is also very common so don’t be a snob and say hello.
  3. Tours – I normally don’t go on tours unless I do not have much time to explore or if it’s much cheaper. I found that being on a tour is also a great way to make friends, you end up spending few hours  doing adventures that is outside the comfort zone which also brings people together! Ask them to go out for a drink or to hangout. Tour guides are also usually quite happy to hangout and give the best tips in town.
    If you think tours are too expensive try the free walking tours, most cities have them!

    Friends I have made from buses and ferries when arriving to a new place and on tours.

  4. Online – Apps, websites and groups such as couch surfing, meet-ups, trip advisor forums, tinder, girlslovetravel group have a lot of travelers that are looking for friends too! Post something or find somebody who you’re willing to join.
  5. Classes – if you are staying put in a town for a bit, taking up classes are a great way to make friends, eg. spanish school, dance school, boxing school, cooking school etc.
  6. Volunteering is another one! It is a great way to meet like minded people and give back to the community.
  7. Restaurant/Bars –  Eating solo can be a little awkward but it is also a great way to be open to meet new friends, it shows confidence and smiling is the key! Sitting in the bar can also make it less awkward. Waiters and bartenders are happy to chat. Be careful on giving off the wrong vibe though.
  8. Iconic tourist spots – this can be a little hard but with confidence, asking questions and great small talk skills you can make a friend by just walking on the beach and taking photos. Ask another solo traveller if they can take your photo and ask if they want one too, this usually starts a conversation about where each other are from and could lead to great friendships.
  9. Public transport – this is a great way to meet locals and get some tips on the best local thing to do in the town! Most of locals are also happy to help and are also interested in you and your where you are from.
  10. Lines – this might just be me but lines for  food, coffee, events, tourist spots are a great way to start chatting and make new friends, everybody is excited, positive and usually in a good mood if they’re a tourist.

If you make an effort just by saying hello, being nice and positive there is no way you will be traveling alone ūüôā it might actually be hard to find time to reflect and be alone.

Where do you find friends when you are traveling?

When your travel challenges turn into the best travel stories.

Lost my medication somewhere in Miami.
Took 3 wrong buses because I was too stubborn to take a taxi at Cancun.
Tried to get my medication from a Mexican doctor using Google Translate.
Didn’t realise it was couples season at Isla Mujeres and I was there solo.
Ate tacos at 4am on my bday and was gate crashed by a bachelor party at Playa Del Carmen.
Got lost trying to find the Chicken bus to cross the Mexico-Belize border, it took a full day.
Survived swimming with Sharks and Sting Rays with my Lil Duck Floatie (cos I can’t swim well) at Belize.
Missed my ferry because I was too busy fishing in the Caribbean. No didn’t catch any fish.
Fell off a golf cart in front of the cops at Caye Caulker. Ended up with 3 big bruises and the cops taking my bottle of Rum.
Missed my ferry again. LOL . No excuses this time.

Crossed the Belize and Guatemala border via collectivo (van/bus) and tuktuk with out any Guatemalan money! Never again.
Almost got peed on by a howler monkey at Tikal Guatemala. Thought it was rain at first lol.
Lost my water bottle, headband, go pro handle and almost my life sliding down the waterfalls inside a cave at Semuc Champey.
Got caught in a rain storm and ran down the mountain just to walk through the dark flooded streets of Antigua at night.
Ditched my 2 weeks of Spanish school at Guatemala to go back to Mexico.
Got bitten by mosquitoes, bedbugs probably scorpions and other crazy insects on my way back to Mexico.
Got altitude sickness at 3km above sea level at San Cristobal de Las Casas or it could be Zika I don’t know lol. Felt sick as.
Slipped on the rocks under a massive waterfall, I survived and everybody laughed.

Went on a dinner date with a Mexican that didn’t speak any English at M√®rida.
Did not have an accommodation at the Caribbean island of Isla Holbox! Lesson Leant.
Walked hundreds of meters on a sand bar in a middle of Caribbean to see pink flamingoes, turned out to be a hallucination (3 of us saw them tho? and no we did not have drugs).

A prostitute tried to get in our hostel at Havana..
Cuban police took our local friends to jail for taking us to the beach at Trinidad?!?
Inhaled a cigar cos I didn’t know how to smoke them (I was not meant to inhale, woops).
Ended up with a terrible tonsillitis on my 15hour flight home.
Australian Customs took all my Cigars.
Got home safely and now planning my next adventures! Any recommendations?

I hope those challenges didn’t sound too negative they are actually my best memories, full of learning and confusion too haha. I will put up my fun positive travel stories too ūüôā

Fell in love with M√©xico

I had the most amazing time at Mexico! Everybody I met told me it was too dangerous to travel México solo, as expected I was very nervous but after the first day  I found it a lot safer than other countries and  I felt very safe!

I fell in love with Mexico right when I landed. It has so much culture and love for people. I actually cried on the first day because I was too stubborn and wanted to learn to take the public transport without knowing how to use them and not knowing any Spanish. My first week was definitely a big learning curve but I loved every bit of it. Every challenge I had just showed how friendly and helpful Mexicans are without asking for any return.

Not to mention almost every place is beautiful, every calle and shop is a party, the food is soooo delicious, and the culture…the culture is amazing! I can’t wait to go back with more time to explore!

This video shows the amazing place, culture and fun times at Mexico ! I stayed for 3 weeks and visited Cancun, Isla Holbox, Mérida, Palenque, Chiapas, San Cristobal De Las Casas, Bacalar, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres.

Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – Cuba Backpacking Route 2016

After an amazing holiday with my family at United States I decided to stay in the Americas to learn a bit of Spanish and see the culture. I had $4500 (AUD) or $3400 (USD) to last me 2 months. I flew from Miami to Cancun and traveled down the Caribbean coast to cross the border to Belize and then to Guatemala. I had a last-minute decision to ditch Spanish school at Guatemala and head back to Mexico via Chiapas to fly from Cancun to Cuba.

This is just a quick itinerary route with hostel recommendations and some quick tips on how to get there and must see places. I traveled from mid August to mid October.

See Map Here

My favourite country in this trip and I only got a little taste of it! I will definitely be back to explore more of the country.

Cancun – 1 day, can be skipped.
Getting there: From airport arrivals go outside to the right there is an ADO booth, Take the ADO bus to Downtown Cancun (P66).
Hostels: Quetzal, Mundo Joven, Hotel Kin Mayab РAll walking distance to ADO Bus Stop
Must see/do: Take the R1 bus to Playa delfines, Walk to Parque de Palapas for cheap eats and live entertainment, Mercado 23.

Isla Mujeres – 1-2 Days
Arrival: From Downtown Cancun take a Collectivo (outside McDonalds) to Puerto Juarez and catch a ferry to Isla Mujeres.
Hostels: Poc-na, Azucar
Must see/do: Playa Norte, Snorkeling, street food cheap eats near the basketball and church.

Playa Del Carmen Р6 days 
Arrival: Take the ADO bus from Downtown Cancun to Playa Del Carmen
Hostels: Loft10, The Yak, Quinta Playa
Must see/do: Playa Acar, Take a collectivo (P30) to Akumal (swim with turtles), Tulum Ruins, Playa Paraiso (Tulum), Cenotes (Grand Cenote, Azul, Dos Ojos etc) Coba Temple.

Note: My original plan was only 2 days here and then 2 days Tulum I decided to skip Tulum and stay at Playa del Carmen because it was my birthday week and I met some really cool people. It was also a great base for me to other places as the collectivo is only 30 pesos to all cenotes and playas. The place is very touristy I recommend Tulum for a more backpacker feel.

Bacalar – 1-2 days
Arrival: ADO bus from Playa del Carmen to Bacalar. Tip –¬†¬†you can save half price if you buy the ticket the day before.
Hostels: Green Monkey, Yaxche
Must See/Do: A quiet town with a beautiful lake and cafes, sunrise paddle board, cenote negro.

See Chiapas and Yucatan further below.



Caye Caulker Р5 days 
Arrival: Take a bus to Chetumal (ado or mayab), from nuevo mercado bus stop take a bus to Belize City walk to the terminal and ferry to Caye Caulker.
Hostels: Bellas, Tropical Oasis, Dirty McNasty, Yumis
Must see/do: Swim with shark and rays tour, the split, kayak, snorkelling, fishing, raggamuffin 3 days sailing tour* (Expensive)

San Ignacio – 2 Days
Arrival: From Ferry Port take a taxi (4USD) or walk to Belize City Bus Stop take the chicken bus to San Ignacio $2(USD). There are also air-conditioned buses from ferry port to San Ignacio.
Hostel: Bellas, The old house
Must see/do: ATM Caves, Xenuntunich Mayan temple, Crystal Caves, Saturday Market

Other Places in Belize to visit are: San Pedro, Hopkins, Orange walk.


Flores: 1-2 days
Arrival: From San Ignacio town, take a collectivo to the border (5USD), after immigration from the Guatemalan border after the bridge take another Collectivo to Santa Elena (30-45Quetzales) then take a Tuktuk from Santa Elena to Flores (5Q). Tip: have some quetzales ready the conversion if you give USD is horrible.
Hostel: Los Amigos
Must See/Do: Tikal, cheap street food at the waterfront, boat ride at the lake, hike up a mountain to have the best view of the island (have to ask locals where)

Semuc Champey: 1-2 days
Arrival: Bus booked from hostel
Hostel: El Muro, Zephyr Lodge
Must See/Do: Semuc tour, explore Lanquin

Antigua – 7 days
Arrival: From Flores take an overnight bus to Guatemala city then a van to Antigua buy tickets for both all at once. From Lanquin take a bus/van to Antigua.
Hostels: Somos, Tropicana, Jacaranda,
Homestay: Isabelles $100 USD for a week including 3 meals. *contact me for details.
Spanish School: San Jose El Viejo $100 USD 20 hours
Must see/do: Acatenango, Cerro De La Cruz, Santa Catalina Arch, Cathedrals, Art, Markets, Pacaya, Mayan Museum and many more.

Lake Atitlan (San Pedro) – 2days
Arrival: Taka the van Panajachel and take a boat to San Pedro
Hostels: Mr. Mullet, I stayed at Hotel Mansion de Lago because the private room there is the same price as a dorm room (75-80Q)
Must see/do: San Pedro Hike, Indian Nose Sunrise, Paddleboard/Kayak, Cheap Spanish Schools




San Cristobal De Las Cases – 4days
Arrival: Take a transfer from San Pedro to San Cristobal de las Casas (180Q). 6am ferry to Panajachel and van to San Cristobal de las Casas 4pm arrival.
Hostels: De Ja vu, Luna Nueva
Must See: Churches/Cathedrals, Chiapas tours to waterfalls and Canyon.

Palenque: 1 day
Arrival: I did the day trip tour to see the waterfalls and palenque ruins and decided to stay at palenque instead of heading back to San Cristobal de las Casas.
Hostels: Posada Nacha`n РKa`an, Yaxkin
Must see: Mayan Ruins, Town

Merida: 3 days
Arrival: ADO bus to Merida, take a uber or taxi to city centre (4op)
Hostel: Catedral, Zocalo
Must See: Events at the Plaza and Santa Lucia, Chichen Itza and Uxmal Mayan Tours, Cenote Ikkill , Yellow City. Free walking tour everyday 9am at the information centre.

Isla Holbox: 2 days
Arrival: Take the 11pm overnight bus from Merida (2nd class bus station) to Chiquila then take the ferry to Isla Holbox take a seat upstairs where you can watch the beautiful sunrise.
Hostels: Book before getting there – Ida y Vuelta, Tribu.
Must See/Do: Find the flamingoes, sunset at playa, swim with whale sharks, hammocks on the Caribbean.

Head back to Cancun on ferry and Bus to Fly to Cuba.


Havana – 4 days
Arrival: $25 Tourist Visa Card at Mexico Airport and from Havana airport a taxi should cost no less than 25CUC to your hostel.
Hostels: Book before flying to Cuba – Mango (Havana Vieja) Paradise, Ronaldos Backpackers (Central Havana).
Must see: Malecon, Museums, Old Havana, Central Havana, Vedado.

Trinidad – 5 days
Arrival: Viazul bus $25CUC or taxi with other people for shorter time $25-30CUC PP
Homestay: Hostal Albertico
Must see: Playa Ancon, Waterfall and Horse-riding tour, Salsa Classes, Markets, Cave Party.

Vinales – I didn’t have time so I did a day tour from Havana it was $60US¬†you can book this on any big hotels in Old Havana. Includes: Tobacco farm, Limestone Mural, Lunch and walk and boat inside Indian Cave. If I had time I would have stayed in Vinales for a couple of days.

More time? РAdd in Santa Clara, Santa Maria, Cienfuegos and of course the West side. 

I hope this helps your planning, feel free to ask me any questions.
Check out my Instagram Page for some photos ūüôā

Myanmar in 10 days Itinerary 2016

My colleague and I decided to visit a country that quite challenging, safe, untouched and full of culture. We have both traveled South East Asia before but did not manage to get to Myanmar, we also wanted to see and experience it before it changes and becomes more touristy. So after keeping an eye on sky scanner for a few weeks we managed to get $600 return Sydney – Yangon Flights and off we went.

Yangon 2 days
Day one: After arriving we checked out the city and went straight to massages and pampering.. (it was a long flight) we then  watched the sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda and Dinner at China Town Night Market. I recommend the grilled fish.

Day Two: Checked out the Bogyoke Aung San Market to buy a beautiful Longyi, we got lost in the city and took crazy photos by the park and Sule temple. We also checked out the High Court, Museum and did a sunset stroll and dinner at Kandawgyi Lake. The boardwalk is amazing.(if we had time we would have checked out the inca lake walks)

Overnight bus to Bagan

Bagan 2 days
Day One: 6am arrival –¬†$25 USD entry to check it out. Tip – if you can skip the guards checking you can ask for a pass from people leaving Bagan at the hostel. We stayed at Ostello Bello.
We checked out new Bagan then did the Mt. Popa Tour at 9am. It is out monkey volcanic mountain top temple at Mt. Popa. 777 steps, the tour stopped by palm shop/operations that sells palm sugar palm oil etc.
We explored more of Bagan in the afternoon and then hired a carriage cart to check out the temples and watch the sunset. Climbed up the small temple recommended by the hostel to watch the sunset peacefully away from the crowds.

Fav temple: Sulamani


Beautiful Bagan Sunrise

Day Two: Woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise on a temple all to myself and my tour guide. It was very peaceful and serene. (My highlight of the trip)!
The hostel also does bike sunrise tours on specific days. Also if you are in season there are hot air balloons floating around or you can even do the sunrise in a hot air balloon!
I went back to the hostel for breakfast and took the¬†9am bus to Kalaw so I can do the Kalaw to Lake Inle Trek. My friend didn’t want to miss Mandalay so she took the bus from Bagan to Mandalay and we would rendezvous at Lake Inle.

Kalaw 1 day

Kalaw is simple, beautiful, peaceful. There is a nice temple and a market.

Kalaw to Inle trek 2 days.
Day One Trek: The next day our group started at 8am. A truck took us to our starting point (most people do the 3day trek which start straight from Kalaw but I didn’t have much time so I did a 2 day Trek which starts at 45min drive from Kalaw) We walked from 9am until 12.30pm had lunch and a mini nap. We started again at 2 until we got to our homestay at 5pm. It was during the dry season so it was very hot and not very green but it the scenery was amazing. We stayed upstairs from where the cows were sleeping.

Day Two Trek: The next day we started our trek at 6am and made it to our lunch spot to eat and take a boat to Inle town. It was a very beautiful and serene moment. The water was so calm and it reflected the sky.

Lake Inle – 3 days
Day one: We got to Inle town at about 2pm and I made sure I booked a hotel that one hotel in Inle that has a pool. Lake Inle reminded me of a less developed old chiang mai/pai with hipster cafes and awesome vibes.

Day Two:  We explored the town, markets and did a sunset on a boat. It was so beautiful.

Day Three: Myanmar Cooking School, we learnt how to cook yummy burmese food. Tip Рthey use peanut oil in everything! In the afternoon we had more massages! It was so funny because my massage lady at Lake Inle was the same massage lady I had at Chiang Mai! How crazy it that? The lady I wish I remembered her name just recently moved to Myanmar because she thinks that the life there is getting better now and the tourism is definitely on the rise. What a crazy small world.  Anyways we also wanted to see other temples but I was all templed out.

Overnight Bus to Yangon

Fly Home ūüė¶

Note: The airport is the only place you can swap AUD. So make sure you bring some spare USD.

I made it to Cuba!

Hola Amigos! So if you didn’t know I have been MIA because I have been traveling the Americas and Caribbean in the last 3 months! So I am finally back with a laptop and a whole lotta stories for you all.

Lets Start with CUBA!! 

I was not actually meant to go to Cuba in this trip, my plan was to head south of Mexico to Belize and study Spanish at Guatemala for a month. Lets just say that every person I met during my travels have or is going to Cuba and I was easily persuaded. After doing one week of Spanish School, thinking it would be enough to keep me afloat in Cuba, I ditched the cold weather of Antigua and  work my way back up to Mexico to fly to Cuba. BEST DECISION made in this trip.

I have made a video of my of 10 days at Cuba. I didn’t get to capture the salsa dancing, mojitos, cigars and much of the architecture.. I was too busy enjoying them.¬†BUT I will do a proper post about the country later on because I love it so much and it is one of those countries where you will need a lot of tips and research.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments or ask any questions. has photos and ideas on #whattodoatcuba.

5 Airport tips for Domestic Flights in Australia


I recently returned from a work trip to Melbourne and I realised after years of traveling I finally manage to have a smooth airport experience.

Here is a list of tips I have learnt from going through domestic airports that can hopefully help you have smooth airport experience too.

1. Give yourself lots of time ! Add in extra time for possible traffic delays such as roadworks especially in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney. I would usually give myself atleast 15 minutes before checkin or boarding time. Plus having a spare time to have a nice drink before a flight is always nice.

2. Save yourself some drama and check-in online. Most airlines have online checkin usually 48/24 hours before your flight and closes 90minutes before the flight. This is great way to cruise along to the airport and not feel the stress of being there an hour before the flight to line up for a boarding pass.
I can’t even even remember how many times I made it with just minutes to go before check in closes or having to talk my way through. (might give you tips on how to do that later)
3. Pack a carry on only. This saves the risk of losing that baggage or get wet in the rain. ¬†Also you won’t have to wait around for it on the baggage belt.
NOTE: Please weigh your carryon bag ¬†or buy¬†baggage if you have a lot of stuff. I paid $80 cos I was 2kg over the limit on Tiger Airways.. actually don’t even try going on Tiger¬†lol.
4. Leave your jewellery¬†at home or inside your bag as well as those¬†big boots or you’ll have to keep taking them off through all the security checkpoints.

5. Double check the¬†gate number. Sydney and Melbourne airports are massive¬†you don’t wanna be hanging around the wrong gate and having to run a looong as way to your gate while they call out your name.

Stressy is not a common name, everyone that knows me will know I’m the one that is keeping everybody waiting on that plane! Happened to me a few times! Check that gate number.

Extra tip: Getting to and from Sydney and Melbourne airports.13435563_10154023467793880_206946827919531273_n
Sydney: There are trains to get you to and from Sydney domestic airport and City and it only 10 minutes. Prices are $17.40 AUD one way.
Details are on
Melbourne: There is a Sky Bus that will take you to and from Melbourne Domestic Airport and Southerncross Station. Prices are $19.00 one way and takes about 30minutes-45 minutes depending on peak hour traffic. Details are on:

My couple of days at Melbourne was awesome and productive. I got to hang out with family, shop, eat the world and of course do my work ūüôā

Centre Place, Melbourne