Why Stress Loves Travel

So here I am 4 days cooped up inside because of the massive Sydney Storm and I thought, instead of looking through my old travel photos as I always do I should try starting up a blog. So here it is!

Lets do some introductions, my name is Stressy Shear Ramos yes Stressy is my real name, it came from the engineering term Shear Stress. I don’t really want to get into engineering terms so the wiki definition is here. My mum is an engineer and is very passionate about it hence naming her first-born Stressy!

So… what’s with the StressLovesTravel blog name, well it pretty much means I love travel.


  1. Food !
  2. Freedom and Fearlessness (conquering fears)
  3. Fun (Adventure of the unknown)
  4. Friendships all over the world (Yes to new friends!)
  5. Fired up about life (to inspire and be inspired)

I travel a couple of times a year mainly as a birthday holiday or see my friends overseas. My true passion for travel started last year when I moved to Sydney from NZ. Flights from Sydney are super cheap and I had an opportunity to save enough money and travel south-east asia for 3 months. It was very eye-opening, exciting, learnt a lot and built a lot of confidence. Ofcourse, traveling and meeting other travelers inspired me to travel some more and decided to set a goal of 30 countries by the time I turn 30. Since then I have been obsessed with travel planning and adventures that this year alone I have managed to travel to Melbourne, Gold-coast, Hawaii, Myanmar and Hamilton Island (whitsundays)! I cannot wait for all my future travel adventures and share it with you all. I will also share some of my previous travels and some tips on how to make it happen. Hopefully this will help and inspire you on your travel plans and dreams.



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