5 Airport tips for Domestic Flights in Australia


I recently returned from a work trip to Melbourne and I realised after years of traveling I finally manage to have a smooth airport experience.

Here is a list of tips I have learnt from going through domestic airports that can hopefully help you have smooth airport experience too.

1. Give yourself lots of time ! Add in extra time for possible traffic delays such as roadworks especially in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney. I would usually give myself atleast 15 minutes before checkin or boarding time. Plus having a spare time to have a nice drink before a flight is always nice.

2. Save yourself some drama and check-in online. Most airlines have online checkin usually 48/24 hours before your flight and closes 90minutes before the flight. This is great way to cruise along to the airport and not feel the stress of being there an hour before the flight to line up for a boarding pass.
I can’t even even remember how many times I made it with just minutes to go before check in closes or having to talk my way through. (might give you tips on how to do that later)
3. Pack a carry on only. This saves the risk of losing that baggage or get wet in the rain.  Also you won’t have to wait around for it on the baggage belt.
NOTE: Please weigh your carryon bag  or buy baggage if you have a lot of stuff. I paid $80 cos I was 2kg over the limit on Tiger Airways.. actually don’t even try going on Tiger lol.
4. Leave your jewellery at home or inside your bag as well as those big boots or you’ll have to keep taking them off through all the security checkpoints.

5. Double check the gate number. Sydney and Melbourne airports are massive you don’t wanna be hanging around the wrong gate and having to run a looong as way to your gate while they call out your name.

Stressy is not a common name, everyone that knows me will know I’m the one that is keeping everybody waiting on that plane! Happened to me a few times! Check that gate number.

Extra tip: Getting to and from Sydney and Melbourne airports.13435563_10154023467793880_206946827919531273_n
Sydney: There are trains to get you to and from Sydney domestic airport and City and it only 10 minutes. Prices are $17.40 AUD one way.
Details are on http://www.airportlink.com.au.
Melbourne: There is a Sky Bus that will take you to and from Melbourne Domestic Airport and Southerncross Station. Prices are $19.00 one way and takes about 30minutes-45 minutes depending on peak hour traffic. Details are on: https://www.skybus.com.au

My couple of days at Melbourne was awesome and productive. I got to hang out with family, shop, eat the world and of course do my work 🙂

Centre Place, Melbourne

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