Myanmar in 10 days Itinerary 2016

My colleague and I decided to visit a country that quite challenging, safe, untouched and full of culture. We have both traveled South East Asia before but did not manage to get to Myanmar, we also wanted to see and experience it before it changes and becomes more touristy. So after keeping an eye on sky scanner for a few weeks we managed to get $600 return Sydney – Yangon Flights and off we went.

Yangon 2 days
Day one: After arriving we checked out the city and went straight to massages and pampering.. (it was a long flight) we then  watched the sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda and Dinner at China Town Night Market. I recommend the grilled fish.

Day Two: Checked out the Bogyoke Aung San Market to buy a beautiful Longyi, we got lost in the city and took crazy photos by the park and Sule temple. We also checked out the High Court, Museum and did a sunset stroll and dinner at Kandawgyi Lake. The boardwalk is amazing.(if we had time we would have checked out the inca lake walks)

Overnight bus to Bagan

Bagan 2 days
Day One: 6am arrival – $25 USD entry to check it out. Tip – if you can skip the guards checking you can ask for a pass from people leaving Bagan at the hostel. We stayed at Ostello Bello.
We checked out new Bagan then did the Mt. Popa Tour at 9am. It is out monkey volcanic mountain top temple at Mt. Popa. 777 steps, the tour stopped by palm shop/operations that sells palm sugar palm oil etc.
We explored more of Bagan in the afternoon and then hired a carriage cart to check out the temples and watch the sunset. Climbed up the small temple recommended by the hostel to watch the sunset peacefully away from the crowds.

Fav temple: Sulamani


Beautiful Bagan Sunrise

Day Two: Woke up at 5am to watch the sunrise on a temple all to myself and my tour guide. It was very peaceful and serene. (My highlight of the trip)!
The hostel also does bike sunrise tours on specific days. Also if you are in season there are hot air balloons floating around or you can even do the sunrise in a hot air balloon!
I went back to the hostel for breakfast and took the 9am bus to Kalaw so I can do the Kalaw to Lake Inle Trek. My friend didn’t want to miss Mandalay so she took the bus from Bagan to Mandalay and we would rendezvous at Lake Inle.

Kalaw 1 day

Kalaw is simple, beautiful, peaceful. There is a nice temple and a market.

Kalaw to Inle trek 2 days.
Day One Trek: The next day our group started at 8am. A truck took us to our starting point (most people do the 3day trek which start straight from Kalaw but I didn’t have much time so I did a 2 day Trek which starts at 45min drive from Kalaw) We walked from 9am until 12.30pm had lunch and a mini nap. We started again at 2 until we got to our homestay at 5pm. It was during the dry season so it was very hot and not very green but it the scenery was amazing. We stayed upstairs from where the cows were sleeping.

Day Two Trek: The next day we started our trek at 6am and made it to our lunch spot to eat and take a boat to Inle town. It was a very beautiful and serene moment. The water was so calm and it reflected the sky.

Lake Inle – 3 days
Day one: We got to Inle town at about 2pm and I made sure I booked a hotel that one hotel in Inle that has a pool. Lake Inle reminded me of a less developed old chiang mai/pai with hipster cafes and awesome vibes.

Day Two:  We explored the town, markets and did a sunset on a boat. It was so beautiful.

Day Three: Myanmar Cooking School, we learnt how to cook yummy burmese food. Tip – they use peanut oil in everything! In the afternoon we had more massages! It was so funny because my massage lady at Lake Inle was the same massage lady I had at Chiang Mai! How crazy it that? The lady I wish I remembered her name just recently moved to Myanmar because she thinks that the life there is getting better now and the tourism is definitely on the rise. What a crazy small world.  Anyways we also wanted to see other temples but I was all templed out.

Overnight Bus to Yangon

Fly Home 😦

Note: The airport is the only place you can swap AUD. So make sure you bring some spare USD.

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