You Better Belize It! Belizean Highlights

The ultimate slogan and hashtag for Belize #youbetterbelizeit. What an amazing country full of unforgettable laid back fun and Caribbean beauty. Many backpackers skip Belize because it is a little bit more expensive and apparently the most expensive country in Central America (cheapest in the Caribbean though). I ain’t gonna lie it was one expensive week at Belize, the day tours and sailing trips will cut you back around $100USD a day which is why I didn’t do the Raggamuffin sailing tour nor the ATM Caves and only did a half day of snorkelling tour (Still regretting it).  I had fun in what I did though which was RUM, SUN and FOOD lol. Rum was so cheap and everyone carries a bottle with them, they even have an elephant foot which is around 3L for $10USD.

Being on a backpacker budget I was actually only planning to stay at Belize for 3 days to have a little break from all the intense Spanish learning and get to feel that Rasta and Reggae vibes, I am an Island girl at heart after all. 

So 2 days at the island of Caye Caulker definitely got me all feeling chilled and relaxed even when I was swimming with sharks and stingrays. Rum helped a lot! Rum was also the reason for missing my ferry on the island twice! Apparently it is a common thing that happens on the island lol. So I ended up staying a few days more until I really had to push to leave (because of my budget). I met some local San Ignacio boys working at Caye Caulker and they ended up letting me tag along on a chicken bus with many detours including a little tour of Belmopan (capital of Belize). We  tried to hitchhike and after a whole day of detours we made it to San Ignacio! It was such a cute little town and I ended up spending a few more days there too. It was a lot cheaper as I did nothing but relax and maybe climb some mayan ruins I also cooked my own meals deep fried plantains mmmm.

Anyways check out the video above which shows the highlights of my Belizean adventures I hope you like it and if you are planning to backpack Central America don’t skip this one, it is a lot different than the central american countries and definitely worth it! C’mon snorkelling at one of the best reef barriers of the world, you can’t pass that up!

 I will definitely be back to do the full day tour, ragamuffin tour, Scuba Dive the Blue Hole and of course the ATM Caves.

My Highlights at Belize

  • Getting a discount on the return ferry ticket to Caye Caulker because it is a sunday
  • Eating Jerk Chicken, Belizean BBQ and Lobsters!
  • RUM RUM RUM everywhere
  • Swimming with Sting Rays and Sharks
  • Being able to name some corals – eg. fire coral and brain coral  LOL
  • Panty Rippers at the Lazy Lizard
  • Jumping off to the Caribbean Sea during sunset 😛
  • Missing my ferry because I got caught up fishing with the locals and didn’t even catch any fish
  • Dancing the night away at the reggae bar
  • Feeding tarpons and frigate birds on a boat with sardines so fun!
  • Deep fried Plantains
  • Checking out Xenuntunich Ruins then Swimming at Cahal Pech Resort
  • Sneaking in Midas Hotel for a night swim

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