Guatemala the land of Jungles and Volcanoes

Guatemala, where every backpacker slows down and stops for a few weeks or so.. it is the best and cheapest place for learning Spanish, enjoying the beautiful volcano scenery, hiking, working etc.

After Belize, I was glad to have a little break from the Caribbean Beaches (Rum).  I finally made it to a more developed Guatemala with actual shops, proper transport (kind of),  Barista coffee and not to mention SPANISH again. It was finally time for me to settle down a bit, take my time to learn some Spanish, catch up with friends that left me behind and wait for the ones that stayed longer and of course  enjoy the culture of the country. As travel happens not everything goes according to plan sometimes it is better!

My Highlights

  • Crossing the Belize – Guatemala Border on a collectivo and tuktuk with no Quetzales (don’t do it)
  • Roaming the Jungle at 6am to see some central american wildlife and Mayan Temples
  • Saw some Howler Monkeys (he missed peeing on me by a couple of steps) , Spider Monkeys, Coati (Pizote), scorpions, spiders, termites, turkeys and birds crazy number of birds.
  • Did not get robbed at Guatemala city lol (it was 4am and I was only there for a bus transfer I was scared as)
  • Toasted Marshmallows on the lava rocks of Pacaya Volcano while it’s raining.
  • Slid down mini waterfalls inside Cave Agua with just my candle, bikini and shoes.
  • River tubed at Semuc Champey while kids tried to sell cans of beer in English and Arabic while river tubing (skills)
  • Cafe hopped at Antigua and finally had some good as coffee
  • Watched the sunrise with the view of 8 Massive volcanoes and lake atitlan
  • Tried the chocolate at the Hippy town of San Marcus
  • Experienced the crazy noise and lifestyle at Xela – Quetzaltenango
  • Actually learnt enough Spanish at Spanish School to hang out with locals and play with the kids.
  • Went to an empty pool party in a middle of the jungle in the middle of the night with locals we met on road lol. sooo safe .. (not! I was lucky again)
  • Got caught in the rain while hiking ended up walking the flooded streets of Antigua in the middle of the night during a storm, it was fun and I didn’t get sick!
  • Celebrated the Guatemalan Independence day with the locals

I will definitely be back to do the Acatenango and Fuego volcano hike, hobbitenango, Rio Dulce and learn more Spanish at Spanish School, my teacher was the best!!

I spent about a month in Guatemala and ill post my Guatemalan itinerary soon.


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