When your travel challenges turn into the best travel stories.

Lost my medication somewhere in Miami.
Took 3 wrong buses because I was too stubborn to take a taxi at Cancun.
Tried to get my medication from a Mexican doctor using Google Translate.
Didn’t realise it was couples season at Isla Mujeres and I was there solo.
Ate tacos at 4am on my bday and was gate crashed by a bachelor party at Playa Del Carmen.
Got lost trying to find the Chicken bus to cross the Mexico-Belize border, it took a full day.
Survived swimming with Sharks and Sting Rays with my Lil Duck Floatie (cos I can’t swim well) at Belize.
Missed my ferry because I was too busy fishing in the Caribbean. No didn’t catch any fish.
Fell off a golf cart in front of the cops at Caye Caulker. Ended up with 3 big bruises and the cops taking my bottle of Rum.
Missed my ferry again. LOL . No excuses this time.

Crossed the Belize and Guatemala border via collectivo (van/bus) and tuktuk with out any Guatemalan money! Never again.
Almost got peed on by a howler monkey at Tikal Guatemala. Thought it was rain at first lol.
Lost my water bottle, headband, go pro handle and almost my life sliding down the waterfalls inside a cave at Semuc Champey.
Got caught in a rain storm and ran down the mountain just to walk through the dark flooded streets of Antigua at night.
Ditched my 2 weeks of Spanish school at Guatemala to go back to Mexico.
Got bitten by mosquitoes, bedbugs probably scorpions and other crazy insects on my way back to Mexico.
Got altitude sickness at 3km above sea level at San Cristobal de Las Casas or it could be Zika I don’t know lol. Felt sick as.
Slipped on the rocks under a massive waterfall, I survived and everybody laughed.

Went on a dinner date with a Mexican that didn’t speak any English at Mèrida.
Did not have an accommodation at the Caribbean island of Isla Holbox! Lesson Leant.
Walked hundreds of meters on a sand bar in a middle of Caribbean to see pink flamingoes, turned out to be a hallucination (3 of us saw them tho? and no we did not have drugs).

A prostitute tried to get in our hostel at Havana..
Cuban police took our local friends to jail for taking us to the beach at Trinidad?!?
Inhaled a cigar cos I didn’t know how to smoke them (I was not meant to inhale, woops).
Ended up with a terrible tonsillitis on my 15hour flight home.
Australian Customs took all my Cigars.
Got home safely and now planning my next adventures! Any recommendations?

I hope those challenges didn’t sound too negative they are actually my best memories, full of learning and confusion too haha. I will put up my fun positive travel stories too 🙂


3 thoughts on “When your travel challenges turn into the best travel stories.

  1. The Wayfarer says:

    Altitude sickness in San Cristobal? Is it high enough for that?
    The challenges definitely make the best anecdotes. Like the time my friend and I walked along a busy highway with no shoulder to get to the IKEA here in Poland… now we know better 😛


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