I made it to Cuba!

Hola Amigos! So if you didn’t know I have been MIA because I have been traveling the Americas and Caribbean in the last 3 months! So I am finally back with a laptop and a whole lotta stories for you all.

Lets Start with CUBA!! 

I was not actually meant to go to Cuba in this trip, my plan was to head south of Mexico to Belize and study Spanish at Guatemala for a month. Lets just say that every person I met during my travels have or is going to Cuba and I was easily persuaded. After doing one week of Spanish School, thinking it would be enough to keep me afloat in Cuba, I ditched the cold weather of Antigua and  work my way back up to Mexico to fly to Cuba. BEST DECISION made in this trip.

I have made a video of my of 10 days at Cuba. I didn’t get to capture the salsa dancing, mojitos, cigars and much of the architecture.. I was too busy enjoying them. BUT I will do a proper post about the country later on because I love it so much and it is one of those countries where you will need a lot of tips and research.

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments or ask any questions.

https://www.instagram.com/stresssless/ has photos and ideas on #whattodoatcuba.


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